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After roughly six years of development effort 2018 will see the unveiling of our latest DataFreight product which has been designed for the Microsoft .NET platform. The new product is a complete re-write of the entire DataFreight system and introduces a range of powerful new features designed to deliver much enhanced functionality across all product modules.

Some of the new features include:

Multi-Company, multi-branch enabled software which can handle differing base currencies on a per branch basis.

Full support of highly granular user groups and associated permissions, which allow you to have complete control over which modules, features and data objects that individual users have access to.

Detailed auditing of all system data objects with recording of ALL data operations including old and new values. Includes detailed user action auditing.

User-definable validations on all HMRC modules allow you to specify completion rules based upon data conditions such as Customs Procedure Codes to permit detailed validation of entry declarations prior to submission. The system can be used to prompt for correct completion of other items such as valid document codes, warehouse codes, previous document codes and indeed any other required field for any given condition set.

Interaction with Active Directory for automated log in using AD credentials.

Workflow management system supported by all modules. Create user-defined workflow templates specifying tasks to be performed. Define milestones based upon task completion as well as data conditions and create actions to be carried out on attainment of milestones, such as automated report output, e-mailing etc. Automate the creation of workflows and the run-time implementation of workflow templates by defining an appropriate condition set.

Customisable grid layouts and filters with “drill down” capability to sub-records where appropriate. The ability to create additional grid columns both bound and unbound to underlying data. Export grids to popular formats such as CSV, Excel, PDF etc.

Custom report writer which allows for the design of user input parameters for data extraction as well as defining data lookups, where appropriate, for parameter inputs. Design hard copy reports, if required, using the powerful integrated report designer.

The ability to define dynamic data links between modules with optional automated data synchronising across linked modules.

These are just some of the powerful features of a system designed to increase accuracy, compliance and productivity for today’s and tomorrow’s DataFreight users.

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