About DataFreight

Since 1988, DataFreight has been a market leader in providing an integrated suite of applications for the Forwarding, Customs and Warehousing sectors.

DataFreight is a highly scalable set of applications used by organisations both large and small and everywhere in between. It is currently deployed in well over 400 locations in the United Kingdom as well as overseas in the following countries: United States, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Ghana, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Bahrain, Dubai, Oman, Hong Kong and Thailand. DataFreight is one of the most globally distributed UK-developed forwarding products available.

DataFreight is built to run on the Microsoft Windows platform, the engine behind more than 90% of PC desktops worldwide. The system is quick to implement, easy to learn because it is logical, and totally reliable being underpinned by on-site training and unmatched client support.

We pride ourselves on our support services which are second to none and the reason that many of our customers either chose us in the first place, or switched to us subsequently.

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