This module is designed to record movements of goods in a bonded warehouse and generate the appropriate CFSP, C88 or NES Customs declarations. These are automatically picked up by the DataFreight CFSP/Import/Export modules and sent to Customs (CHIEF) using email or by any of the Community System Providers (CSP’s).
In addition, the Warehousing module also provides users with a range of facilities and reports to manage a warehouse generally whether it is bonded or not.
Here are some of the key features of the Warehousing module:

·     It provides you with all the functionality you need to comply with HMRC from the initial simplified frontier declaration to the final supplementary declaration.
·     It lets you see the stock history, stock location and stock availability at a glance.
·     It automatically links your warehouse activities to your freight movements and customs requirements.
·     It helps you provide excellent customer service in terms of fast, accurate data regarding their goods.
·     It gives your warehouse clients the possibility to access their stock and transaction data via a fully customisable browser-based application.
We offer CFSP/Warehousing connectivity via CCS-UK, CNS, MCP, DHB, EDCS and Pentant.