DataFreight offers a fully customisable web tracking and booking facility. This application has been designed and developed with a view to producing an application of unprecedented power and flexibility as well as an unrivalled feature matrix. You are able to design your own layout templates for freight bookings, quotations and job tracking.  You can design different templates for your own clients on an individual basis. You can even specify templates on a per user basis too. The template editor gives you complete control over the form design and also allows you to insert static objects such as horizontal lines and blank columns in order to format your forms logically and attractively. The template designer allows you to select which fields will be visible on the form as well as allowing you to specify which fields are mandatory. In addition, you are able to set the tab order of the data input fields to correspond to your template design. We have also written a comprehensive web-based help system for this application which allows users to get the most out of it which can be viewed on-line.
Features of the web tracker administration utility include :

  • Theme driven web application to control overall appearance
  • Optionally include your company’s logo on web pages
  • Set up external accounts and users
  • Optionally include your client’s logo in their set up profiles
  • Optionally provide RSS news feeds on a client by client basis
  • Full roles & permissions control over all aspects of the application
  • Enforce password expiry periods
  • IP blacklisting implementation for stronger security
  • Full login and access audit log
  • Customise form design of quotation & booking forms
  • Implement different template designs for different clients
  • Specify which DataFreight users are alerted to quotes & bookings on a per branch basis

Features of the online tracking and booking application include :
  • Optional interaction with Active Directory for authentication
  • Optional RSS news feed to your clients on the start screen
  • Optional & fully customisable guest quotation form for non-registered users
  • Fully customisable job tracking grid
  • Job status changes since last look up are flagged to your clients
  • Sophisticated and powerful record filtering
  • Drill down to job detail using fully customisable forms which can vary from client to client
  • Optional document & media file download and upload facility
  • Where appropriate your client can view invoice data against jobs
  • Optional view to job sub-tables such as containers etc
  • Customisable freight booking & quotation forms for all transport modes on a per client/user profile

  • Internet access with outward facing registered IP address
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 / 2008 web edition
  • IIS server 6 or above
  • .NET framework version 4
  • 2 GB RAM*
*Servers that are also used for other purposes e.g. Exchange, may require additional resources.