The essential back end to forwarding, where the numbers count. Features include :

  • Customer & Supplier Rates Matrix – Set up arbitrarily complex rate structures for job charging and accrual generation. Rates can be based on any number of criteria and include weight break points and drop zones.
  • Fully Multi-Currency – DataFreight implements multi-currency capabilities at every stage of fiscal processing.
  • Multi-Typed Invoices – Create ordinary sales invoices & credits, duty/VAT invoices & credits as well as bulk invoices. Fully supports different printed layouts for different invoice types as well as job types.
  • Accrual Processing – Enter anticipated accruals at the time of job charging, either manually or using the rates matrix for future write off when processing suppliers invoices. DataFreight maintains a historical accruals record which allows you to extract the correct accruals position for any moment in the past.
  • Supplier Invoice Processing – Write off previously allocated accruals against supplier invoices. Allow for variances and partial write offs. Commit supplier invoices to produce actual cost figures on jobs and retain historical accruals perspective.
  • Period Lockdown – Concerned about keeping your DataFreight fiscal transactions in line with your accounts ? The optional period lockdown facility within the system takes care of those concerns by imposing strict disciplines on fiscal transaction dates, ensuring that they stay locked to target periods.
  • Credit Control – Full, dynamic credit checking is possible both at job completion and job charging stages. Full password driven override system, which itself is fully audited, exists to allow administrators to exceed a credit limit on a job by job basis.
  • Accounts Links – DataFreight links to all popular accounts packages allowing for keyless transfer of sales and purchase invoices and their transactions to accounts ledgers. As SAGE developers we can offer a greater degree of integration to SAGE accounts.
  • Full SAGE Integration – Complete and seamless integration with SAGE Accountant Plus (Line 50) or SAGE 200 which allows, amongst a raft of features, real time credit checking, validation of client codes, nominal codes and automated transfer and posting of both sales and purchase invoices.